Top 5 Best Tattoo Shops in Forth Worth, TX

Are you looking for the best tattoo shops in Forth Worth, TX? Well, you’re in luck! Forth Worth is a thriving and vibrant city that is known as home to top-rated tattoo studios in the country. With no surprise, you may find plenty of talented and creative tattoo specialists in Fort Worth to choose from. 

We understand, when you’re planning to get inked for the first time, there are so many things you should have to take care of. From finding the best tattoo artists to affordable tattoo parlors near you there’s a lot of research you need to perform before you get inked.  

So, to burden off your shoulders. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best Tattoo shops in Forth Worth, TX based on the tattoo studio’s reputation, customer reviews, quality of work, and the level of professionalism provided. So, you can feel confident in your choice.


Criteria For Choosing The Best Tattoo Shop 

Before we tell you the list, we would like you to first understand what criteria you must follow for choosing the best tattoo shop -

  • Hygiene and sanitation practices 
  • Artist's skill and experience
  • Reputation
  • Portfolio and style
  • Availability of consultation
  • Price and value
  • Customer service

List of 5 Best Tattoo Shop Near You

So without further ado, let's dive in and choose the best tattoo shops in Fort Worth, TX. 



Rating:  4.9 stars

Location: 408 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208, Bishop Arts District, Oak Cliff

Specialized Art: Portrait Tattoo, Black and Grey Tattoo, Religious tattoo, Tribal Tattoo, Japanese Tattoo, and Americana Tattoo. 

About : 
Saints and Sinners is a famous tattoo studio that has waved its brand flag with its exceptional artwork and in-house highly skilled tattoo artists. Over time the studio has gained a reputation for providing unique and customized tattoo designs to its clients.

It’s not just their specialized artwork but the studio’s welcoming environment, clean area, high-quality work and commitment to their clients is something that helps them earn a loyal client line. 

That’s why the studio has also been featured in various media outlets, including television shows, magazines, and different online publications, which further increases its fame and popularity.

So, if you’re a true tattoo enthusiast then Saint and Sinners Tattoo studio is for you. 

What’s Special: Exceptionally talented artists and excellent customer service, one of the popular choices among locals and visitors alike.



Rating: 4.9 stars

Location: 1565 W Main St, Ste 419, Lewisville, TX 75067

Specialized Art: Color tattoos, Neo-Traditional Tattoo, Fine-line and intricate tattoo work, Custom tattoo designs, Black and gray tattoos, Watercolor Tattoo

The Rebel Muse Tattoo is the Lewisville, Texas-based studio tattoo shop that has gained a reputation for delivering customized, high-quality tattoos according to client’s demands and desires. 

The major reason why you’ll love to get your tattoo done by Rebel Muse is the perfection of the work and the talented artist who is capable of inking customized and unique designs on their client. 

What’s really amazing is every artist there has their own unique style and command over tattoo art. So, you can easily select your personal favorite artist based on your preference. 

Whether it is the unique design, specialized art, distinctive decor, or other amenities there is a lot that makes that studio apart from other tattoo shops in Texas. 

What’s Special - Best known for unique and creative designs, artists have won numerous awards for their work, 4+ rating. 



Rating: 4.7 star

Location: 6467 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112, South East

Specialized Art: Black & Grey Tattoos, Watercolor Tattoos, Cover-up Tattoos, Traditional Tattoos, Custom Tattoo, luxury body piercing

Randy Adams Tattoo Studio is a well-established, reputable tattoo studio that is located in  Fort Worth, Texas. The studio has been in operation from the year 1993, which makes its tattoo artist team the most skilled and experienced ones. 

The best thing this studio follows is that it adheres to strict safety and health standards to ensure a safe and clean environment for its clients. Being focused on customer satisfaction and top quality, the studio has earned a lot of customer positive reviews and loyal customers, and a great reputation as one the best tattoo studio in Texas.

Since Randy Adams Tattoo Studio believes in in-person meetings and conversations to understand their client's needs. Their tattoo consultations primarily discuss design ideas and placement with you and based on that they offer you a price quote. So this way clients can save themselves from juggling up imaginative prices in their heads. 

Simply you’ll get through the top quality clean tattooing process, inked by highly skilled professionals who are specially assigned as per your requirements. 

What’s Special:  Specialization in a wide range of tattoo styles, contemporary and traditional tattoo art specialization



Rating: 4.8 star 

Location: 124 W Oak St, Denton, TX 76201

Specialized Art:  Blackwork tattoos, Custom tattoo designs, Fine line tattoos, Geometric tattoos, Realism tattoos

A tattoo shop would never stand out as the best tattoo shop until and unless it’ll serve high-quality and unique tattoo designs done by highly skilled artists. Dark age studio stands on such requirements building the brand over time. 

Dark age tattoo studio specialized in delivering exceptional customer service. The experts are known here as being friendly and supportive and accommodating to the customers' needs.

Additionally, this tattoo shop also stands out in maintaining a safe and clean environment, along with sterilized equipment and proper hygiene practices. That is essential as per the public health law. 

Not just this, this tattoo shop also specializes in a specific style of tattooing, focusing on first-timers and people who are looking for coverups and designer tattoos. 

What’s Special: A well-respected shop that has been featured in numerous publications and online platforms for its exceptional work.



Rating: 4.8

Location: 1426 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76164, North East

Specialized Art: Twin/Matching Tattoos, Script Tattoos, Realism Tattoos, Doubles Piercings, Realism Tattoos, Geometric Tattoos

Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo, Forth Worth, TX is another most preferred tattoo shop in Texas. Rated whooping 4.8 star rating by 845 people. The shop is known for delivering what every customer dreamed of i.e. a perfect, high-quality inked tattoo.  

Their team of professional and experienced tattoo artists specializes in a wide range of tattoo styles, including traditional, script tattoos, neo-traditional and geometric tattoos. The shop offers  professional and clean environment, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, these shop consultants also consult their clients on whether their clients can work with the artists to create a unique design that fits their vision or not. They also display their clients a large collection of flash designs to choose from. 

The shop also has a strict policy on safety and hygiene under which they strictly follow to use just single-use needles and sterilized equipment to ensure the health and safety of their   customers.

In addition to tattoos, Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo also offers body piercings, jewelry, and aftercare products. Their staff comes welcoming and friendly and is always happy to guide and suggest their clients deliver better service experiences. So, if you live in the Fort Worth area then, Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo could be the great choice for you. 

What’s Special: Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo is a popular choice for those seeking traditional and classic designs.

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