10 Best Things To Do in Arlington, Texas in 2023

Arlington, Texas: One of the renowned cities of the North Texas Metroplex is home to numerous entertainment lovers. It is recognized for two of the most honored teams from diverse streams which are the Texas Rangers baseball team and the Dallas Cowboys, football team.


This vibrant city is the perfect destination that offers endless fun possibilities to every visitor. Well, does this information make you curious to know more about Arlington? Or would you like to know the best things you could do in Arlington, TX? If your answer is Yes! Then we have got you covered.

List of Best Fun Things To Do in Arlington, Texas

Here we are sharing the list of the 10 best fun things you can do in Arlington, Texas in 2023. So, read this post carefully and start listing down your favorite place to travel from today!


01. Cheer Up Your Favorite Team, Visiting AT&T Stadium Arlington

Do you get amazed every time watching your favorite football match at home? How does it feel if you watch an upcoming match, not at your home but live with thousands of people cheering their dearest teams on a huge match stadium? Feeling excited? If yes! Then prepare yourself to get a spectacular match experience at AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX. 

This stadium came into existence in 2009 and was known to be an ultramodern stadium with a retractable roof that delivers an amazing telescopic view. In addition to this, it also features an ultra-modern architectural design that makes this stadium worth watching along with a huge captivating high-definition video screen, 80,000+ sitting capacity, and numerous other amenities. 

The entertainment at AT&T is not limited to the football matches it goes beyond, this is why this place is termed an entertainment mecca. From boxing matches, basketball, soccer, to Spartan races along with multiple other sports this place is full of fun. So, do visit the At&T Stadium this weekend and have a terrific time with your friends. 

02. Hike Up and Enjoy Nature’s Beauty in River Legacy Park

Are you the person who loves to watch greenery and enjoy mother nature if yes then River Legacy Park in Arlington is the right fit for you. This greenwood park features a 1030-acre covered with lush plant life, magical nature’s vegetation with Trinity riverside in Arlington, TX.


It is a place with true nature’s beauty, from different animals to birds you can watch and praise everything this park is providing you. Also, it has 10 miles of boardwalk trail where you could do biking, hiking, and jogging with morning sun rays. It is home to 400+ species of animals, around 193 diverse varieties of native birds, and distinctive 28 species of trees. 

This park consists of a widespread playground for kiddies that features a huge life-size T-Rex skeleton. Alongside it is a River Legacy Living Science Center Boasts that features native plant species terrariums, aquatic species aquarium, animals species, multiple exploration stations, and an exhibit hall.


Not only this, but it also organizes a number of different activities and events for its visitors, it is a full fun package park that would furnish you and your kids with amazing learning, education, and joy throughout the year.

03 Discover the unbound treasure hovering the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

Making plans with your friends but not being able to decide where to go? Well, we got you covered. The International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame is the place where you will learn and can have fun activities.


This place has an amazing collection of unique and antique artifacts which delivers a glimpse of traditional Egyptian 4000+ years old bowling history. No matter what age you belong to, Bowling is a game that is appreciated by every other people over time. 

Here you will discover and can watch a number of rare pictures and films from the past that depicts the memorial story of the legends of bowling game. Along with this, you could also visit the bowling training center operated by computerized machines, precious archeological digs, and engraved historical American taverns.

04. Walkthrough the galaxy at (UTA Planetarium) University of Texas

If you get lost every time watching mesmerizing dark galaxy and wish to know more about it, then UTA Planetarium, Arlington is the right palace for you. This is a world renounced and the biggest planetarium in Arlington that continued taking year-old history within it. 


In this spectacular planetarium, you will enjoy fascinating shows showcasing the universe with an ultramodern 3D surface projection system, 60 feet dome, learn about distinct planets, galaxies, comets, stars, moons, and much more. 

05. Enjoy Easy Drinks, Visiting Legal Draft Beer Company at Arlington, Texas

Are you planning for a couple’s retreat? What about visiting a brewery where you will enjoy a romantic night with your loved one? Legal Draft Beer Company is the very first brewery in Arlington, TX where you will find a number of options in drinks.


They also provide rental spaces like patios where you can enjoy romantic dining, book private taprooms for marriages, and a lot more. Besides this, they also offer peculiar seasonal beers that are infused with different fruits, mouth-watering snacks with delightful occasional live shows.

06. Play and Capture Incredible Tour at Globe Life Park (Catchow Stadium) Arlington

Whether you’re preparing for a fun friend’s trip or maybe some solo adventure, when you visit Globe Life Park at Arlington you get the opportunity to have Texas-sized fun at your every step. One of the entertainment providers is Globe Life Park formally known as Choctaw Stadium” which is another most famous place in Arlington. This is the world of Wonderful where you can enjoy, and explore all the awesome things you could do in Arlington, TX.

If you and your buddy are sports enthusiasts then do not miss the opportunity to visit and watch the live matches at Arlington’s grand Choctaw stadium. This stadium hosts a number of rousing games, and live performances over the year. Here you will not only watch soccer and baseball matches but multiple other concerts too performed by multiple famous artists.

07. Spread Your Immense Love in Tails ‘N Trails Dog Park

Whether you are a pet lover or not, it is next to impossible to ignore fluffy, mushy, cuddling dogs when they come next to you. The Tails ‘N Trails Dog Park in Arlington, TX is one of the beloved parks famous for dogs. This is an off-leash city park having 5.7 acres of an area where you can take out your cuddly companion for a walk and can make them meet more of their companions.


This is a fully fenced and protected park, a perfect place for dogs where they can freely move and play all sorts of games and can make their new furry friends. It is a must-visit place we recommend you to dwell at least once. 

08. Rock and Get Buzzed at Levitt Pavilion

Levitt Pavilion is a non-profit organization that works to provide around 50+ music events every year. This place is located in downtown Arlington and celebrates a year-long music festival showcasing some of the best musicians of all time along with the newest musicians who work for their dreams in search of stardom. 

This place is also famous for hosting countless kids and youngsters concerts where artists taught them about the world around them, self-esteem, and different self-reliance concepts like good etiquettes and so on. You can plan a picnic with your family & friends enjoying delicious foods from stalls along with amazing music evening and the neighborhood under the luminous stars. 

09. Evoke Your Artistic Side at Arlington Museum of Art

How many times have you canceled your plans with your special one due to unexpected rain or snowfall? Maybe a number of times! But not now, imagine having an adventure visiting a splendid museum, holding hands in and watching masterpieces with your loved one. Perfect right? Arlington Museum of Art is one of the finest places where you can spend time together with your special one learning, having fun, and enjoying every stunning art there.

This museum consists of countless art galleries, classic art workshops like- eat your art out, mommy & me yoga interesting classes for youngsters like gentle yoga, sound bath, and plenty of other options. You will find costumes used in movies, paintings, drawings, sculptures, wooden blocks, photograph ceramics, and so on. 

10. Electrify your inner kid visiting Six Flags Hurrican Harbor

Do you wish to take a break from your routine life? Wonder to add some amusement and joy to it? Well, we got a perfect place right according to your needs that is, “Six Flag Hurricane Harbor Arlington.”  This is a seasonal water park an exit towards fun, where people of all ages can have hours of entertainment with their family and friends.


If you are planning to go with your crew, (Friends) then this park has a lot to offer to you from timeless splash water beaches, and daredevil tube water slides to lazy river floats here you will get a chance to enjoy everything in one place.

Once you are done with all these thrilling rides you can simply lay down, relax and lounge your body at Sultan Lagon under the Texas sun. The two most famous ride of Six Flag Hurricane Harbor is Bonzi bogging and Hydra maniac that is sought and loved by every thrill-seeker. So, do not miss these as well. 

We hope you will find your perfect place to dwell this season. So, do give these above-mentioned places a shot and make your tour unforgettable by visiting them with your family and friends!

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