10 Alarming Signs You Need To Hire A Certified Plumber

Is there any dripping in your bathroom or your kitchen faucet? Well, this is a clear indication that you need to call out for a certified plumber sooner. Many people consider fixing such plumbing issues by themselves however fixing water leakage is not as easy as it looks. 

Ignorance of small leakages or even a little dripping can lead you to big disasters i.e. plumbing inconveniences. Therefore it is always better to avoid troubles in advance. 

How damaging a water leakage could be? 

According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2022 facts & report, the average family in the US wastes around 9,400 gallons (annually) and 180 gallons (per week) in terms of household leaks. Water wastage is not just the single reason that can harm your home. Besides, water drainage could also ruin your residence quicker than you might think. 

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a water leak of 24 hours can develop mold, damage your home's electrics and walls, or even make cracks in your home. Therefore the better choice is always to cure such issues before they spread and ruin your property. Searching terms like plumbing service near me or best plumbing service can help you to find the right certified plumbers near you. So you can live tension free for years.

Here we are suggesting ten alarming signs that can help you understand whether you require a certified plumber or not:

1. When you face reduced water flow

Blockage or a sudden drop in water pressure can be the easily identified reason that indicates plumbing problems in your water system. Even a few mineral deposits or a little water leakage can reduce the water flow and clog your main water resulting in low water pressure. Such issues require a professional helping hand to make it work again.

2. DIY remodeling or construction 

Yes, remodeling a home can be the cause of the plumbing issue. If you are up for refixing your dishwasher area or even remodeling your kitchen, then there is a huge possibility that you might face a plumbing issue. How? The reason would be the DIY plumbing.

When it comes to DIY, crafting things out and saving hundreds of dollars would be a great option. However, if it is performed in different home areas, then there is a great chance of failure. The reason will be the complexity of the work.

Plumbing and installation are not as easy as they sound, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Plumbing requires various components that are connected to ensure the right water supply line and drainage system. One missing element or loose point can result in more expenses than you saved on doing DIY. 

Therefore, to ensure your construction success, you must consult an experienced and certified plumber who knows exactly how, what, and where to place things seamlessly. 

3. Rusting or staining

Have you noticed some rusting growing around your faucet or water drain pipe? If yes, this is a clear sign that it is time for you to replace them as soon as possible. 

Rust usually takes place when the pipe is not rust-proof and has a lot of exposure to water or even a single leakage point that makes water drip constantly. All that give birth to rust and makes your water pipe and drain area more fragile. Such issues require emergency plumbing repair by professionals who know how to keep your home risk-free and leakproof.  

4. Basement drainage or sewer line issues

Have you detected an extreme odor coming out of your washroom lately? If yes, then this indicates the symptom of a sewer line issue which is a severe problem. One must get rid of it as soon as possible by contacting a certified plumber who is prompt in repairing sewer issues.

The basement drainage smell is also similar to the washroom odor. Such a smell can come out from your house's lower basement. The extreme odor indicates either a sewer line clog or damage that requires repairing or cleaning the drain system as soon as possible.

5. Leaks and water drippings


Have you noticed some water droplets coming out from your shower lately? Does it drip all the time? Or while washing dishes, do your kitchen faucet wouldn't stop dripping even after completely closing it? If yes, then you have got a plumbing issue.

Water leakages can be of multiple types, a little water leak can be treated simply by tightening the connection point using the gasket on the washer. But, if such will not work out for you, then you should call out a certified plumber who knows exactly what is required for curing such issues.  

6. Sweating water heater

Sweating water heaters might look common for most people. A water heater releases condensate when it is in constant use for heating water and refilling it with normal water. Such indicates a lack of water heater maintenance or requirement for an increase in water heater temperature.

In case you become unable to identify the root cause. We recommend you to look for professional plumbers who identify the cause and treat or suggest the remedy for the issue.

7. Toilet overflow pipe

Have you noticed a water overflow pipe lately? It possibly overflows due to a burst in the toilet system due to excessive water pressure. Such issues are severe and require immediate action for frequent toilet overflow pipe treatment. Before it turns out disaster, turning your entire washroom into a puddle, calling out a certified plumber is the smart way to get rid of such an issue.

8. Rusty or discolored water

Does every time you open your bathroom faucet, you see discolored water running out from it? Water that comes rusty, yellow, light green, or flakey with green algae or sediment is linked to no maintenance of water pipes and heaters. 

Besides, when the home water tank is not maintained (filled or flushed) regularly, it stared turning into gunky water over time. That might result in un-hygienic water or can cause severe skin disease. For proper hygiene, it is essential to have a water heater service every quarter or a water pipe check-up whenever you such as issue.  

9. Clogged Toilet

Toilets clogging happen over time itself. Most of the time, the items that clog the toilet are usually water soluble and can be dissolved in water once poring water in pressure. This can be cured either by using hot water or with normal water. In case the clog is taking more time to break down, then taking the help of a certified plumber is a great option.

10. Puddles or Soggy garden patches

If you found an uncertain puddle or soggy patches in your garden without any rain lately, then do not ignore it. It must be the sign of uncertain underground sewer leakage. And if you do irrigation, then this must be the sign of a leak in the irrigation system. To handle such an issue, you need to call out certified plumbers who can treat such water leakage issues with ease. 

Why hire a certified plumber?

Hiring a certified plumber is essential to ensure the completion of plumbing service at the right time. When you hire a certified plumber, they make sure to diagnose the root cause of the water leakage issue. As they are experienced professionals, they follow specified rules and regulations of water plumbing treatment and use proper tools to treat such issues. So it would not occur in the future anymore. 

No matter whatever issue you are dealing with Near Me Listing is here to help you find the best expert certified plumber according to your needs. Our virtual service offers easy-to-hire solutions where you will find all categories of services. Whether you need an emergency repair service or professionally certified contractors, simply filter, search and connect with your preferred experts who seem the best fit for you as per your requirements. 


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